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Strict Standard

Strict Standards "on" is one of the most common causes for Cjax not working after the release of PHP 5.4. for Cjax version < 5.8 (5.7 and before), this of course broke many sites.

Cjax 5.8 added support to rid of this issue by changing this setting on the fly. It seems that this fixed the issue for everyone. As this has rarely been reported anymore. Cjax 5.9+ is strict standards compliant, and shouldn't need the on-the-fly setting change anymore, this setting soon to be removed.

Cjax, not doing anything?

You can access the page just fine, but when you click something, nothing happens.

Server Error

This could be a caused of multiple reasons, there could have been a server error that prevent the server from being reached through an ajax call. This is rare, but it can happen, mostly by code error you may have in your ajax controller. It is highly recommended that you debug this issue, see information here how to debug.

You may want to check your error logs and see what the latest errors are and see if something can explain this issue.
Js Lib not loaded
Some servers, may have odd configuration in their mod-rewrite rules. This could affect Cjax from reaching its Js Library. Follow the steps on Initiating the Js engine.

Found a new problem?

Although Cjax works out of the box in 99% of the hosts where you use it, it is still possible something odd might happen.
You think you found a problem that prevents you from using Cjax? Let us know.


There is an option that allows you to switch how the data is tranfered across over to JavaScript. If you are experiencing issues with commands not taking effect (while on page load) or with PHP SESSIONS, then you might want to use this. After some improvements of the systems that handle this part, this hasn't been an issue in years, so it is likely this isn't the issue you are having.

->fallback true;
This will print a script tag on the page instead of using PHP SESSIONS to pass data.

You may also find file cjax/config.default.php, rename this file to config.php.
then find the option $config->fallback, and change it to true, this will apply the change globally.

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