Cjax Framework

Moving Cjax directory

If you want to move cjax directory from the root of your site. As of Cjax 5.9 that is possible.
You need to do two things. Move the cjax directory to the location where you wish it to be moved and update file ajax.php with the location of the new path. Keep in mind, that cjax needs to remain accessible through the URL.
Add this line on the top of file ajax.php:
        define('AJAX_WD', '/new/location/where/cjax/is');

That should be all you need.

Note: This could helpful with the creation of new integrations with other products/projects or frameworks.
Simply move the directory where otherwise the other product/project requires it. Also ajax.php is can be moved.
If you are interested in seeing how integrations work, look inside cjax/integration.php

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