Cjax Framework

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Here are the steps to get the framework installed on your site, or test installation:

Previously there were multiple packages being distributed. Starting from Cjax v 5.9, there will be a one single distribution package. It includes CI Integration. Cjax is a general purpose ajax framework, it is not exclusive to CodeIgniter (many people seem to think it is).

Testing your Cjax Installation

For security reasons you cannot access ajax.php directly on your browser, however there is a special case allowed for this test controller. Go onto your browser and type in your site url + /ajax.php?test/test eg: http://yoursite.com/ajax.php?test/test
You will see further confirmation on that page, and instructions.
You may find the text in file response/test.php in function test(). If your installation was successful you may delete file test.php.

If you run into any issues while installing, consider Troubleshooting, and debugging.
Should you have additional questions, you can contact the author. If all else fails, professional installation is available for a feed 100% guarateed or your money back.

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