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Debugging Cjax

Debugging is an essential part of building ajax functionality. Without it, wouldn't know how you got this far.

To debug Cjax, you are required to use a browser console. Most modern browsers will already have a console or 'web inspector' bult-in. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, MS Edge, come included with one. Any of them will do nicely. Firefox's plugin firebug is highly recommend to debug Cjax, as it includes many useful tools and is second to none compared to the others.

The console will feed you everything you need to know about what's hapenning with Cjax. From whether a file is loaded or not, to whether you enter a valid URL or if there is a server error, all this important and many times crusial information can be found on the console.

Particularly, there are certain things to watch out for, coming out of the console if you are testing any type of ajax call.

Keep in mind that web-inspector include many tabs. Cjax information can be found in the response tab, 95% of the time. The network tab, some times is useful as well to get information about whether a file has been loaded, or if a file has been hard-cached.

A simple look at this can give you so much information, and can help you be on your way to focus on building more things and spend less time wondering what went wrong.

These methods described above, should be able to catch 99% of any issue you may experience. If you experience something different, be sure to create an issue in: https://github.com/ajaxboy/cjax/issues.

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