Ajax Framework 5.x

Easiest, fatest, flexible and smallest Ajax Framework written in PHP.

"Imagine being able to control all aspects of your application through back-high-end code, without client worries" -CJ

Cjax is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) oriented, lightweight (>100kb) ajax framework aimed at PHP applications and websites in general.

It allows you to write ajax in the PHP side, it gives you many tools that you can use to make your deveploment experience a smooth ride. It also saves you tons of time from re-inventing the wheel, - you see, I spent years perfecting this tool, now you can just come and use and not spend all that time - and money! - not to mention the research, gone overboard.

Cjax comes with over 70 examples/samples/docs and APIs that can let you do amazing things with a single line of code, that otherwise would take you hours or days, or even weeks!. You know, the usual success message, to lightbox, submitting forms with ajax, and uploading files with ajax, you know - the usual stuff that you would use in your application or website, each one of these things I just mentioned took me days and weeks to code, and overtime they have improved, Cjax has become an e-cosystem of ajax functions.

Cjax consolidates all your ajax code in a single place. Making your code more secure. Cjax also has only one point of access. Making your application or website very secure. Cjax lets you use classes and routes your ajax calls through a dispatcher to reach your ajax controller. Includes a callback system, that lets you do ajax requests when the page loads, but also, when you trigger your ajax request once on the server, it lets you run more ajax code, and interact with your application or website right from the back-end, right from your controller. This gives you the freedom to go back and forth, from one ajax method to the other, working in harmony. Also includes a way that you can maninupate all the elements on the page, right from the back-end, all done within one ajax call.

Cjax is a piece of machinery to build ajax features . Uses unconventional methods to push the bounderies in allowing you to just write very few short lines of code .

Cjax has the power to allow you to to call and use your existing JavaScript, without making changes to it. It really lets express yourself in the way that you want to express. You have old, or new custom JavaScript, execute it with Cjax - you can pass data to your existing functions, instanciate them, right from the back-end. You use other 3rd party libraries or code - no problem. Cjax lets you execute it, and pass data to it, right from the back-end, you can call them as many times as you want, no limit, only the sky. You can pass from simple strings, or integers, to entire arrays or objects. Guess what, As a matter of fact, that is what Cjax's plugins are, 'plugins' is just a formality, but what they really are - custom code ran with Cjax. If you run your custom code, you already built a Cjax plugin!

Cjax code is simple easy to understand, and uses convention over configuration approach to do the most, with less.

Why Cjax?

I will give you 20 reasons right here 20 reasons! I could give you 50 more if you give me time to think!.


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